Michaela May is a Toronto based singer, songwriter and actress paving a way for herself based on her infectious songwriting and strength of message. She has an innate knack for tackling relevant, relatable content with sparkling melodic hooks. Her music is catchy but meaningful, infectious but relevant.

Michaela released her debut EP “ROGUE” in the summer of 2017 to glowing reviews and is now a firm “up and coming” favourite with the pop blogosphere ever since. Michaela’s music has been featured and championed frequently by many pop tastemakers such as Popjustice, Breathe Heavy, Popdust and Ultimate Music, drawing comparisons to Robyn, Kylie Minogue and Gaga. All three of Michaela’s single releases (“1954” & “You & I” & “Hook, Line & Sinker”) were playlisted on The Beat 92.5FM, Montreal’s largest commercial station reaching over 5 million people, and Michaela is becoming a popular pop artist in Quebec. Michaela also grabbed the attention of pop lovers internationally with “1954,” “You & I,” and “Lights Out” being featured on radio at Joy FM and Northwest FM in Melbourne, Australia, Kiss FM in Portugal and satellite radio in the UK. More recently, international clothing store ZARA, discovered Michaela’s music and became fast fans by adding “1954,” “Lights Out” and “You & I” to their official worldwide playlist, which is played in all 2, 200 stores worldwide. In addition, Nike, Lindex and TJ Maxx all followed suit. The international hit TV show “Kim’s Convenience” also recently supported Michaela’s songs (‘Lights Out and Hook, Line & Sinker) in Season 4 (episode1 and 2), which aired in early 2020. Michaela was also the feature vocalist on the Womack and Womack hit “Teardrops” dance remix released in January 2020 with Keepin’ It Heale, a production duo based in the UK. In 2021, Kim’s Convenience featured another 3 of Michaela’s unreleased tracks in Season 5.

Michaela’s songwriting skills have also been recognized by some of the best of the business as she has written with Grammy and Oscar winning producer James Napier (Sam Smith – Stay With Me, I’m Not The Only One), Heather Holley (Christina Aguilera), Simon Ellis (Britney Spears, Spice Girls, S Club 7), Silverland (Sting) and Will Simms (Little Mix and The Pussycat Dolls) to name just a few. Michaela’s songwriting is her ace card and she has been working with a handful of these producers throughout 2020 and into 2021.

Michaela’s talents are not only being used in music, they are also being used in major Hollywood productions such as Sweetness In The Belly starring Dakota Fanning, large US corporations, such as STAPLES, and voicing several characters in the animated short film: ‘I Can’t Said The Ant.” Michaela also will be starring in the upcoming feature film, “Neurovenge” set to release later in 2021 and Lu Asfaha’s “Fresh Meat” which starts filming in May 2021.

Michaela continues to follow her passion of creating content in many different forms, which speaks to her boundless ability as a creative, songwriter, artist, actress, voice-over artist.